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Paper Cosmetics

Natural Deodorant - Paper Cosmetics

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 This natural deodorant by Paper Cosmetics provides a great alternative to traditional synthetic deodorants. Its cardboard container is lightweight, eco friendly, and contains natural ingredients that are gentle on skin. Get long-lasting protection with a single application!

Coastal Forest - Spanish Cypress, expensive Cedarwood with a subtle hint of Italian Bergamot. This scent is pure, crisp, elegant, rare, refined, memorable, works day or night… Like walking through a dewy forest in the morning sunlight. Smells like slightly woody notes of expensive cedar wood with a base note of freshly cut cypress, perfectly rounded off with a hint of mildly spicy Italian bergamot.

From Dusk til Dawn - Freshly cut Lemongrass with a hint of mildly spicy Italian Bergamot. Smells like a clear, sunny morning on the coast. Think Italian Riviera on a warm summer night. There are hints of a citrus grove and light, elegant notes of mildly spicy Bergamot. A unisex winner!

Bare Naked - The name says it all. Your sensitive skin will love our baking soda and fragrance free option. Made with selected, clean ingredients and stripped down to the essentials, this formula delivers natural, safe odor protection. Every single day. No rashes, no worries, just a clean natural smell.

Bright Sunny Morning - Subtle notes of Pink Grapefruit essential oils. Fresh, simple and crispy clean. Smells fresh, crisp and citrusy. Think fresh morning breeze in a dewy citrus grove on a clear summer day. A full bodied, pure scent, anytime and anywhere.

So Hot Right Now - Rich powdery herbal Musks, subtle Ylang Ylang, with a slight hint of Sandalwood & Patchouli. The best-scented deodorant you have ever owned. Smells like late nights, early mornings, fresh and clean with a palpable hint of sexy. 

*Limited Edition - Yoga Flow - A special edition scent made from a unique blend of myrtle and grapefruit essential oils.  This invigorating and uplifting scent is perfect for those who want to feel refreshed and energized. With its all-natural ingredients and long-lasting formula, yoga flow provides all-day protection against sweat and odor, while also promoting a sense of calm and balance. Try yoga flow today and experience the perfect combination of natural fragrance and effective deodorant protection.