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Lake Missoula Tea

Loose Leaf Tea - Lake Missoula Tea Company

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Experience the delicious and versatile flavors of Lake Missoula Tea Company's Loose Leaf Tea. Perfect for any time of the year, this tea can be enjoyed iced or hot, making it a suitable choice for any occasion. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone to savor.

Lake Missoula Tea Company // Missoula, Montana 

Ingredients :

Jurassic Green Ginger - Green tea*, ginger*, lemon myrtle*, white tea*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, blue cornflower*, *organic

Moroccan Mint - Green tea*, spearmint*, peppermint*, *organic

Earl Grey Classic - Organic black tea, natural flavor

Sunshine Daydream - Black tea*, peach*, ginger*, apple*, safflower*, natural flavor, *organic

Rift Valley Current - Kenyan purple tea*, hibiscus* (may contain peanut traces), butterfly pea flower*, black currant*, lemon myrtle*, elderflower*, black tea*, peppercorn*, natural flavor, *organic

Sassy Citrus & Spice - Rooibos*, cinnamon*, clove*, orange peel*, hibiscus* (may contain peanut traces), rosehips*, rose*, apple*, safflower*, clove*, pink peppercorn*, cayenne*, natural flavor, *organic

Earl Grey Blue - Black tea*, blue cornflower*, natural flavor, *organic

Bodacious Blue - Butterfly pea flower*, mango*, black tea*, lemongrass*, peppermint*, natural flavor, *organic

Big Sky Breeze - Eucalyptus*, peppermint*, chamomile*, lemon myrtle*, ginger*, *organic

Classic Chai - Black tea*, cinnamon*, ginger*, coconut*, natural flavor, *organic

Evening in Missoula - Chamomile, rosehips, raspberry leaf, papaya leaf, blackberry leaf, peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, lemon peel, red clover, star anise, wild cherry bark, wintergreen, alfalfa, lavender, stevia leaf, flavor

Red Raspberry Leaf - Organic red raspberry leaf

Strawberry Fields Forever - White tea*, safflower*, green tea*, orange blossom, peppercorn*, sage*, natural flavor, *organic

Sun Kissed Huckleberry - Marshmallow root*, honeybush*, rosehips*, lemon myrtle*, raspberry leaf*, elderberry*, blue cornflower*, pink peppercorn*, natural flavor, *organic

Breakfast - Organic black and puerh teas

Wonder Woman - Cinnamon*, chasteberry*, licorice root*, nettle*, ashwagandha*, raspberry leaf*, don quai*, maca*, *organic

Catch Some Zzzz's - Valerian root*, kava kava root, passionflower*, chamomile*, rosehips*, rose*, lemon balm*, lavender*, *organic