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Frae Everyday Goods

Gift Kit - Sustainable Selfcare - Frae Everyday Goods

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$95.00 USD

Custom curated with ONLY the freshest and finest items available in store at Frae Everyday Goods!

This Kit includes:

  • Toothpaste Tabs (62 pack)
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Shampoo Bar & Tin - Made in MT
  • Soap Bar - Made in MT
  • Soap Saver Pouch
  • Eco Chapstick - Made in MT
  • 2oz Lotion Bar - Made in MT
  • Eco Deodorant
  • Hand written card with your personalized message - Made in MT

All products are locally and sustainably sourced to contribute to our local economy and to create a healthier/happier environment!

Feel free to select additional items from our online marketplace and we can add them into this beautiful collection... 

At checkout, please advise us of any food allergies or preferences and leave us a message with what you would like to say in the handwritten card.